Infrastructure Development

The Company has diversified interest in infrastructure development and mineral resources.

We have gained experience since 2007 when the Company ventured into infrastructure development which culminated into securing a 35-year concession in Ghana to reconstruct and build a modern railway network covering 800 km.

Currently we have put together a joint development of the first and largest railway project called Trans-Saharan Railway Line starting from Libya to Ghana in collaboration with Made in Africa.

We  deliver front-end to back-end solutions for infrastructure development which sets us apart from our peers.

We have a strong technical team and collaborate with some of the best engineers and technology companies around the world to undertake our projects.

Company intend increase their investment in new refineries as a way of preparing for new decade of population and economic boom in Asia and Africa.

Our energy city FEED is on track and will take into consideration all the necessary measure to make sure to it follows latest carbon emission standards but very bullish about the future.

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