Management Team
• Kampac Oil Middle East FZCO Board of Directors currently includes Charles Ampofo, Rodney Whitney and Pekka Rautimo. The Board of Directors is elected by the shareholders. The primary role of the Board is to assume overall responsibility for the stewardship of the Company and overseeing the activities of management in order to ensure that the Company and the investors’ long-term interests are being served. Kampac has to review its current Board of Directors with respect to their experiences and capabilities of providing Kampac with its stewardship, governance and management of the business enterprise.  
• Board committees are also established to provide risk oversight. Risks can be wide ranging and include, for example, financial reporting, reputation, litigation, ethics and technology. Every public company has an audit committee, compensation committee and nominating committee. Audit committee provides an oversight of the financial reporting process; the compensation committee reviews the CEO and non-CEO officers and directors’ compensation, incentive plans and equity-based plan; and the nominating committee identifies individuals qualified for new nominees to the board.
• The Board members have worked together as Board and executive team for years on numerous start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, and in the recent past, successfully built, operated, and sold a high growth technology company of over 700 employees. Kampac Oil ME FZCO maintains a small management team for its oil trading operations, and contracts out certain technical and administrative functions on an as-needed basis in order to conduct its investment project activities, including seismic testing, drilling, oil field development, etc.  The Management Team will select and hire these contractors and manage and evaluate their work performance.  To develop the business, the Company will endeavor to use the business relationships of its management and Board of Directors to enter into strategic relationships, which may take the form of joint ventures with private parties and contractual arrangements with other oil and gas companies, including those that supply equipment and other resources that the Company expects to use in its business.

CHARLES AMPOFO is Chairman and founder of Kampac Group.  Mr. Ampofo has over 30 years of business experience.  His educational background includes a B.Sc. in Mathematics, and  MBA in Business Administration.  In 1999, Mr. Ampofo  founded Universal Transfer Service as a Financial Services and Funds Transfer company which went on to build the entire multi-banking network in Côte D’Ivoire which consisted of 24 banks .

Under his leadership, the Company has posted growth of more than 30% over the last 10 years Mr. Ampofo have successfully diversified his company into various activities : Oil exploration and production, Oil trading, Infrastructure & resources, and properties. In 2010 , Mr Ampofo took Kampac Oil public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a market cap of Euro 2.5bn.   Under his able leadership, he has created the largest energy city in the world in the Philippines and upon completion the Company will be one of the top 50 oil companies in the Far East.  He has relationships with business and oil industry officials at the highest levels across Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East. Mr. Ampofo serves on various Boards and Institutions and is a member of the Global Fortune Forum since 2005. Mr. Ampofo is a regular motivational speaker at various universities and colleges around the world.


RODNEY C. WHITNEY SR. is Executive Vice-President of Business Development.  He has 33 years of experience in the petrochemical industry.  Mr. Whitney is also a member of the Management Team.  As Executive Vice President, he is responsible for planning business objectives and coordinating functions and operations in the United States, Canada and Central and South American regions.  Mr. Whitney has served as Director, CEO,President, and COO of a number of companies involved in conducting environmental studies, providing oil and water treatment products, and oil clean-up services.  These include Eco-Chem Inc., H&W Technologies Inc., RST Environmental Services Inc., and Gulf Coast Incinerators Inc.  Mr. Whitney attended Tuskegee Institute of Technology prior to entering the environmental industry; he spent 15 years in drilling, production and logistics.

PEKKA  RAUTIMO is Board Member of Kampac Oil and Chief Executive Officer of International Infrastructure Development. Mr. Rautimo holds a MSc in Architecture from Oulu University in Finland. His experience spans over 40 years and has undertaken a multiple of unique landmark buildings and extensive urban  planning projects in, among others, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya, Yemen, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka and Ghana. Mr. Rautimo is Honorary Chairman of the Finnish Business Council  having served as elected FBC Chairman repeatedly since 2004 and member of the Advisory Board of American University Dubai.  Mr. Rautimo has extensive experience in international business development, international consulting and project management. Prior to joining Kampac, he has internationally headed a number of multi-national companies and dealt with project developments  for 27 countries.

EMEKA OKAFOR is the Managing Director of Exploration and Production for Kampac Oil.  Mr. Emeka Okafor joined Kampac in 1999. He is a highly experienced and skilled explorationist with a very broad and holistic understanding of the entire oil industry. Mr. Okafor is a graduate of geology with a very strong bias for geophysical applications as a means of direct detection of hydrocarbon accumulations. His experience as an explorationist cuts across the entire Niger Delta, the Chad Basin, and the West Coast of Africa. He has also successfully negotiated several Joint Venture agreements with international companies and governments.

Prior to joining Kampac, Mr. Okafor worked with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation as a trainee geophysicist in 1979, and rose to the rank of Deputy Chief Geophysicist before voluntarily resigning from the corporation to support the indigenous initiatives in the upstream sector of the oil industry in 1993.  In that same year, Mr. Emeka Okafor joined Atlas Petroleum Limited, an exploration and production company as its Chief Geophysicist; he later became the Managing Director of the company. During his tenure at Atlas Petroleum Limited, he saw the company drill its first well and take it to the production stage. He later resigned from Atlas Petroleum to go into petroleum exploration and development consultancy.

Mr. Okafor has consulted for several companies including Solgas Petroleum Limited, Nexen E&P Services Limited (formerly known as Canadian Petroleum), Oriental Energy Resources Limited, Euafric Energy Limited etc. He currently has an unbroken twenty-nine plus years of active participation in the oil industry. He has represented the country via the NNPC, in some important international assignments including the seismo-structural and stratigraphic review of exploration and development assets. Mr. Okafor is a member of several professional bodies including The National Association of Petroleum Explorationist (NAPE) and the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society.

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