Oil Infrastructure & Logistics
  • Railways line from the energy city to Manila
  • Kampac Energy City, the largest energy city in the world, in Philippines:
  • 3 refineries of total refining capacity of 1M barrels/day
  • 1.5MT of petrochemical plant
  • 50M barrels of oil storage capacity
  • 250 MMSCF LNG re-gasification plant
  • 10 km of pipelines
  • Water treatment company
  • Increasing current storage capacity of 400 cubic meters to 600,000 cubic meters
  • RST environmental services, one of the most efficient with rapid response vessels technology. Current fleet totals 3 vessels.

Worldwide Activities
Oil Trading
Oil Infrastructure & Logistics
Exploration & Production
Oil Assets Potential
Oil and Environmental Services
RST Technology
Infrastructure Development
Refining Capacity
  • Multifaceted international Oil & Gas company
  • Established in 1988
  • 17 offices in 20 countries
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