Our Team
DR. VARLET  S. K. MENSAH - Executive Vice President / Francophone  countries
SIMON  MBOMA - Marketing Director / Oil Trading
MOHAMMED  OBAIDI - Vice President / Exploration & Production - Middle East & Euro-Asia
CHARLES  MAGNUS  AYOMI - Chief Operating Officer / Ghana
SMART  KEMIKI -- Director and Coordinator / SADC & UK
Mr. Seung R. Kwon is President / Far East Operations. He joined the Company in 2010 with over 25 years of experience in the oil industry. Prior to joining the Company, he worked for Korea Coal  Corporation and SK Corporation of South Korea in charge of bilateral transactions between Korea and the Middle East for 8 years.
He is Economics graduate of Yonsel University, Korea and Peking University, China as well has  Management Program Degree from University of California. He is married with two children.
Mr. Bum Joon Kwon is one of the most dynamic men ever to join our Company. He is currently the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and prior to becoming CFO he was Senior Investment Officer of the Company. Among his achievements, is his  instrumental role in arranging the initial funding of $900M for our Energy City project .
He has previously worked for Ernst and Young, California and Wachovia Corporation, USA.  He  is CPA and holds a degree in Economics from  University of Southern California and MBA from Harvard Business School. He is a member of California Board of Accounting.

Mr. Davidson Rich Agoe heads the Administration Department as General Manager. Prior to assuming his new role as General Manager, he was Managing Director of Kampac Flora for 4 years.

His dedication and efficiency provide the Company the stability it enjoys today.  He is graduate of Kwadaso Agruciltural College, Ghana. He is a football enthusiast and married with 3 children.

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Our Team
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