Mr. Edgar ewany opani of South Africa is to assume the management at the Dubai office. Mr open brings with 25 years experience in international business spanning across15 countries, We are confident he wil take the company to the next level.

Mr. Jose Morao patino has been promoted to CEO South America ,Mr Jose previously worked With schlumbeger south America and has a lot of experience in downstream and upstream activities and will be the key in our drive the Kampac agenda throughout south america.

Listing on a major Asia exchange ii intended by 2020.

Kampac has been shortlisted to one of three from twelve international companies competing to become the operating partner in the Sacha Oil Field in Ecuador.  The Sacha field currently produces 69,000 barrels per day (bpd).  Should Kampac be the successful bidder, it will add 69,000 bpd to its global production for the next 20 years.  Kampac intends to invest an additional $300m in the field to boost production and bring its total investment, including intangibles, to $1.4bn.  Kampac views Ecuador as a new frontier in its Latin American expansion.

Kampac has received approval to launch its own energy infrastructure fund proposed for the end of May 2017 in Luxemburg in association with Milner Capital London.

Kampac’s Energy City ground breaking has been rescheduled to Q2 2017.

Due to Kampac’s global expansion in East Asia and Latin America, the Company is now considering listing on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges sometime in 2019.


Energy city has taken a new shape by adding railway line to the project.
There will be two railway lines from the city to Manila. Cargo line and a passenger line.

Our two world renowned project Managers Aurecon Australia PTY and Mott Mcdonald UK have taken charge of the design and engineering, planning and management of this multi-purpose city, the first of its kind in the world.
The company has completed its shortlisting process of consultants and contractors and preparing towards the ground breaking which will take place by Q2 2016.

Despite the falling oil prices, the management of Kampac are bullish about the project because we think this is the time to take advantage of the cheap oil price period which will impact cost of construction to accelerate the development of the city. Secondly, Kampac is confident Asia will continue to grow especially Philippines and needs more energy to meet the challenges of the 2020’s which is energy security.

Even though the cost of the project will be well over $15bn in 15 years but we are not fazed by it because we believe Philippines has the potential to become the first Asian country to triple its growth in the next 10-15 years.

We signed 2 definitive agreements with Aurecon for the development of non-commercial port and Master planning/development of  the New Sual city.
The ground breaking for our Energy city is scheduled for the second quarter of 2015.
We have initiated a process to be listed a major Stock Exchange by 4th quarter of 2015.
Miss Laura Angelica Ramos, have been appointed as the Administrator for CamCap Resources Inc –Philippines ( subsidiary of Kampac group)
The Chairman visits the Head Office of China Railway 13 Bureau Group in Tianjin. The trip was to foster stronger business cooperation between the two companies .

Mr. Nick Ye have been appointed Chief Operating Officer for Kampac China . Mr Ye appointment took effect on November 15 2013. He brings to the company 20 years of business experience in China.

November 15 2013
Kampac signs Joint Venture agreement with China Railway Group and China Advanced Construction Materials Group Inc. to undertake mega infrastructure project in the Sultanate of Brunei.

24 Nov, 2013
A memorandum of Agreement have been signed with China Railway 13 Bureau to undertake Railway Projects in Ghana and the Trans Saharan Railway line.

24 Nov, 2013
Mr Bun Joon Kwon is appointed the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the group.
Mr Bun Joon Kwon has been appointed as the new Financial Officer (CFO} . Mr B.J Kwon is a graduate of Havard University with degrees in Accounting and Business Administration.

07 October, 2013
Kampac Energy city to be launch by second quarter of 2014.
Kampac Energy City will be launched in June 2014. As announced recently by the management. It will comprise of 3 refineries, a Petrochemical plant , LNG regasification plant and a water company. It will be the largest energy city and the first of its kind in Asia. Construction will take 5 years to complete.

07 October, 2013
Kampac sign a joint venture with Marine Global Services Limited to expand and strengthen the company’s activities in Marines services. Marine and Global Services is one of the fastest growing Marines services company operating in the Gulf Guinea.

07 October, 2013
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